The Pictureless Post

Some of the moments are just too hard to catch. They're fleeting or maybe the camera is across the room or you have no available hands to grab the camera. Often, the moment happens when the room is dark and quiet and there is no way you would risk movement or sound even to capture it. Even if you did, there wouldn't be enough light. Sometimes the moment just won't translate to pixels because what makes it so amazing is how it feels.

Sometimes the moment feels private and you want to hold it inside just for yourself.

Sometimes I just look, blink my eyes hard and imagine a little "click" and take a picture with my eyes alone. If only I could print those...

It's always the smallest things like the split second of a particular smile or the way the light is falling across a cheek just so. All you can do in that moment is appreciate it and try your best to burn it into the memory files but you know, deep down, that there's no way that you can remember it all.