The Lavender for the Bees?

The blog has been silent for a week or so. We've been in Santa Barbara for our annual escape-the-Houston-summer-inferno trip. It's been beautiful, as always. Santa Barbara never disappoints. We sleep with the doors open and enjoy the 68 degree days and a 180 degree view of the Pacific. I mean, seriously, what in the world can you complain about? It's paradise.

We come here almost every summer so we've explored quite a bit but, every year, we add a few new sights to our list. This year we took a day trip to the Santa Ynez valley. Specifically, we visited the Clairmont Lavender Farm in Los Olivos. It's not a huge farm but it's very pretty and the main lavender field was really beautiful.

When you first walk up to it, you see all the lavender and the smell is amazing! When you look (and listen) closely you begin to notice the bees. There are, at least, a handful on every single plant. The hum they make is incredible.

While Steven and I were looking out at the field, he said, "it's kind of like life, you know, that saying...seeing the forest for the trees?". It's true. When you first look out onto the field, you can't really see the bees. When you change your focus, though, you see them and they are everywhere.

Someone emailed me recently saying that my blog posts always seemed so timely for her. For her, at least, I bring up topics and ideas that resonate at the right time. Well, seeing that field and hearing Steven's comment was timely for me. Lately, I am deep in thought. Maybe it's a mid-life crisis? Maybe it's too much self awareness? Who knows, but I am deep in it. I am thinking about my career, the future, my relationships, everything...

Looking at the field and then at the bees (and back again), I keep wondering, which am I supposed to be seeing now? Are my questions right now best answered by watching the bees or looking at the field?