Life List

I started this list months ago. I thought it would be easy to fill out a list of things that I want to do but it was actually difficult. It couldn't just be a list of places to visit and it (for sure) couldn't just be a list of material BS. It had to resonate and inspire me. I felt like it should have a nice mix of everyday type things, very attainable goals and some crazier, lofty ideas.

I was inspired by Karen, Maggie, Laura and all the goings on over at Go Mighty.

Not in order of importance, here is my current life list...

1. Place a love padlock on the Pont de l'Archêveché in Paris.
2. Learn how to surf (again, and well this time).
3. Publish a bestselling book.
4. Own a custom made corset.- (completed April 2013, pictures to follow)
5. Visit Scotland and walk the battlefield of Culloden.
6. Own a 1966 black Mustang convertible.
7. Have a pet rabbit.
 8. Live overseas, preferably in France.
 9. Visit the Frida Khalo museum in Mexico.
 10. Learn how to shoot my longbow and hit a bullseye.
 11. Own a Leica M camera.
 12. Visit a volcano.
13. Hike through a forest in the Pacific Northwest.
 14. Become completely fluent in French (about 1/3 of the way there at present).
 15. Take the boys to swim with the dolphins.
 16. Have an article written about me/my work in Texas Monthly magazine.
 17. Take (or have someone else take) boudoir/sexy photos of myself (preferably before I'm 45).
 18. Be present for the birth of my grandchildren.
 19. Meet Lyle Lovett.
 20. See my children find their true loves.
 21. Design and have a custom home built.
 22. Own an autographed copy of photographer Robert Frank's "The Americans".
 23. Have a solo art exhibit.
24. Teach the basics of photography to one of my idols. Oprah Winfrey always come to mind first.
 25. Travel to New Zealand.
 26. Swim naked along a totally abandoned white sand beach with calm, clear blue waters.
 27. Ride an elephant.
 28. Touch a baby elephant.
 29. Help Einin shop for a wedding dress.
 30. Go ziplining somewhere cool, Costa Rican rainforest maybe?
 31. Skydive.
 32. Touch a whale.
 33. Learn how to draw faces well, take a figure drawing class.
 34. Renew my wedding vows to Steven in the presence of our children in some distant and isolated locale.
 35. Learn how to stand up paddleboard.
36. Complete a photographic self portrait project.
 37. Have my art work published in an art magazine.
 38. Visit the French Caribbean.
 39. Find a shark's tooth on a beach (Florida maybe?)
 40. Add a vial of sand from the shores of Loch Ness to my sand collection.
 41. See the Marfa lights.
 42. Learn to knit.
 43. Ride in a hot air balloon.
 44. Ride in a helicopter.
 45. Write a fiction novel.
 46. Do documentary photography work in another country for a charity.
 47. Learn how to make soap.
 48. Learn to home brew beer.
 49. Take a whiskey appreciation class.
 50. Visit the Napa valley and taste wines.
 51. See a glacier in Alaska.
 52. See a true burlesque show.
 53. Have a reading with a true psychic medium.
 54. Visit Amish country and see/find quilt makers there.
 55. Learn from a barista how to make a perfect latte and cappucino.
 56. Learn how to sew my own clothes.
 57. Design custom albums from all of my family's summer trips (6 so far).
 58. Grow my hair long enough to do a long braid down the back.
 59. Host a creative retreat / workshop in an exotic location.
 60. Write another book.
61. Take a meditation class.
62. Learn (train) to do a handstand.
63. Visit these major cities:  Athens, Edinburgh, Barcelona, Budapest, Stockholm, Vienna, Vancouver, Quebec City, & Portland.
64. See the wolves of Yellowstone.
65. Own a set of linen sheets.
67. Become financially stable enough that I don't have to always worry about money.
68. Completely finish my back tattoo.
69. Drink scotch IN Scotland.
70. Finish a large quilt.
71. Visit the Greek Isles.
72. Do a public art project.
73. Build a home darkroom (again).
74. Own a B&B or guest cottage/s.
75. Ride on a scooter.
76. Take swing dance classes (again / more)
77. Spend Christmas in Paris.
78. Visit Thailand.
79. Meet Tom Waits.
80. Age gracefully.
81. Watch my children graduate from high school.
82. Watch my children graduate from college.
83. Host an all-girl slumber party for Einin and her friends.
84. Plant an edible garden.
85. Visit the Normandy & Brittany area of France.
86. Make salsa.
87. Meet Bruce Springsteen.
88. Learn how to play piano.
89. Ride a horse on a beautiful beach.
90. Visit Hawaii.
91. Meet Seth Godin.
92. Own a black diamond.
93. Work for / with / at Anthropologie.
94. Restore & fix up my 1960's Ford F100.
95. Have a teaching job again.
96. Photograph Paris at night.
97. Create a piece of art that has moving parts.
98. Show Einin how to apply makeup.
99. Volunteer for a charity and involve my kids in the process.
100. Refer to this list regularly and not lose sight of what it means. LIVE fully and be grateful.

What about you? Do you have a life list that you'd like to share? I would love to see it (link in the comments). Now, off to go start making some of this happen!